Accessibility Audit

Want to find out how easy (or not!)

it is to access your business premises and facilities?


And more importantly, how to improve accessibility to grow your customer base?

Then you need the ACCESSIBILITY AUDIT.

Is the Accessibility Audit for you?

If customers/clients visit your business premises, then this audit is for you.

That means it’s great for:

●      Shops/Retail spaces
●      Restaurants/Bars/Cafes
●      Hotels/B&Bs/Holiday Homes
●      Leisure facilities
●      Event venues
●      Offices

What is an Accessibility Audit?

It’s an assessment of the current level of access to your physical places,
plus, easy-to-implement, bespoke advice.

(If you prefer, you can arrange this as a ‘mystery shop’ style audit.  This means your staff don’t know I’m coming – that way I can report on ‘real’ experience as a disabled person, including staff performance.)

Why you need an Accessibility Audit?

✔ Enhance accessibility and inclusivity for customers and staff
to improve footfall and staff retention/diversity


✔ Ensure your premises are safe and meet the requirements
of the Disability Discrimination Act to prevent legal complications and complaints


✔ Enrich your customer experience to increase repeat custom, word of mouth recommendations and ultimately, increase sales!

What does your Accessibility Audit involve?

Walk & Talk
A site visit from me with a real-world accessibility focus! (It’s more than just a ramp here and there!)

We’ll walk & talk to explore your premises and see how your space is used.

Analysing all physical features and talking to staff and customers where appropriate.


♿ Approach and entry to the premises

♿ Internal layout / doorways / stairs / lifts

♿ Equipment (from furniture to point of sale displays)

♿ Facilities (toilets, changing rooms)

♿ Signage and Printed Materials

Write-Up & Recommend

I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to accessibility.

That’s why you’ll get a bespoke audit report that includes findings on your current accessibility and recommendations tailored to your specific needs.


♿Areas to improve immediately

♿Ideas for changes/ implementation

♿ Guidelines

♿ A roadmap for the future

Meet & Move Forward

A meeting to talk through your Audit, giving you the chance to ask questions and explore ideas further.

We’ll look at your next steps to ensure reasonable adjustments are made and changes are implemented that will move you forward towards your accessibility goals.

How much does an Accessibility Audit cost?

Prices start from £400, depending on the size and number of premises you have.

Ready for more happy customers?

Ready to make it super easy to buy from you? Ready To Start Your Accessibility Journey? Great. Because I’m ready to help you!