Digital Awareness Training

There are 13.9 million disabled people in the UK,
including me.


As much as you might want to, you can’t and won’t get everything
100% right all the time – especially with accessibility!

However, by asking the right questions, knowing how to confidently approach a disabled person, and knowing what not to say and do – your attitude and efforts can be remembered positively.

Group of Disabled People

What is Disability Awareness Training and is it right for me?

It’s great for…

ANY & EVERY business that wants to be inclusive of disabled employees and customers!

And particularly good for…

Anyone in a customer-facing role..

Disability Awareness Training is intensive (but fun!) training on best practices, how to be more accessible, more engaging and how to better understand disability and disability law.

It’s about making the world more inclusive one person at a time.

Why do you need Disability Awareness Training

☑ If customers can’t access your digital information, they can’t buy from you!

☑ Widen your reach and improve the User Experience (UX) for all customers

☑ Ensure your website and other digital assets meet the Government recommendations in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

☑ Help to prevent legal complications and complaints

☑ Show your customers, clients and colleagues that you are an inclusive business

☑ Engage all customers to improve bounce rates and conversion rates = more sales!

☑ Boost your SEO and google rankings!

How Disability Awareness Training works

Disability Awareness Training can include:

♿ Reviewing current practices – in other words, what are you doing now?

♿ Frequently asked questions – and time to ask your own

♿Analysing past experiences (good and not so good) and how disability awareness can help

♿ Best practices and what to do going forward

♿ Beginner British Sign Language and fingerspelling techniques

♿ Role-play scenarios and thought-provoking exercises


One-to-one Training is usually 1 x 3-hour session.

Group Training can be delivered as 2 x 3-hour sessions or 1 x 6-Hour

‘Train the Trainer’ style approach often works well with the trainee going on to combine the lessons and material provided with your current practices.

How much does a Digital Awareness Training cost?

Prices for training are quoted on an individual base – and depend entirely on your training needs and what outcomes you’d like to achieve.


Ready to make your business more inclusive?

Ready to make it super easy to buy from you? Ready To Start Your Accessibility Journey? Great. Because I’m ready to help you!