Digital Accessibility Audit & Consultancy

Imagine if I said your online business might be turning away millions of people every year because it’s not accessible? In fact, research shows up to 90% of the web is still inaccessible in 2021.


Imagine if you could ONLY use 1 in 10 of your favourite websites?

(And let’s not forget your favourite social media platforms!). As a disabled person, I am hyper-aware of people’s needs when browsing the internet. From reading articles to shopping online, navigating to new locations and chatting with friends, the online world is a critical part of our lives… and yet many businesses fail to invest in accessibility, treating it as a “nice-to-have.”

Accessibility is an absolute necessity for all organisations with an online presence. Luckily, it’s not difficult to implement… especially when you’ve got me on your team.

Keep reading to learn about my digital accessibility services, or get in touch to book a consultation today.

Digital Accessibility Services

From audits to transcription, I provide a wide variety of digital accessibility services to help both public and private sector organisations open their content to everyone.

Digital Audit

Digital Accessibility Audit

Accessibility is a must-have for every website. From colour schemes to typography, navigation menus and spacing, there is a lot to consider. Want to make sure your website is accessible to everyone? Get started with an audit.

Disability Awareness Training

Podcast Transcription and Captioning

Podcasting is on the up, with millions of people enjoying the audio long form content every day. Did you know that transcripts and captions can help bring new fans to your podcast? Put accessibility at the forefront of your podcast with my transcription and captioning services

Accessibility Audit: Office

Live Event Captioning

The pandemic brought a new wave of online events and conferences. Bring me on board to support with delivering captions, so all attendees can experience your online event.

Group of Disabled People

Social  Media Accessibility

Learn all about how to become more accessible to your whole audience, no matter where they hang out. From Facebook to Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin, each platform has its own accessibility hacks. Want to become an expert? Read the blog or get in touch to book a digital training session.

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