Digital Accessibility Audit & Consultancy

Did you know, that right now, in 2020,
Up to 90% of the web is inaccessible?

Imagine if you could ONLY use 1 in 10 of your favourite websites?

(And let’s not forget your favourite Social Media!)


Accessibility online matters more and more to you and your customers in an increasingly digital age.

Are you accidentally excluding customers, sales, profits or potential employees?

Not sure?

Then you need the DIGITAL AUDIT.

Digital Audit

What is a Digital Audit?

 A Digital Audit is an assessment of the current accessibility level of your digital spaces, plus, easy-to-implement, bespoke advice.

Your bespoke audit could be a breakdown and report of:

  • one web page
  • your full website
  • one to one support
  • ongoing support each month with your website accessibility

Why do you need a Digital Audit?

✔ If customers can’t access your digital information, they can’t buy from you!

✔ Widen your reach and improve the User Experience (UX) for all customers

✔ Ensure your website and other digital assets meet the Government recommendations in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

✔ Help to prevent legal complications and complaints

✔ Show your customers, clients and colleagues that you are an inclusive business

✔ Engage all customers to improve bounce rates and conversion rates = more sales!

✔ Boost your SEO and google rankings!

What does your Digital Accessibility Audit involve?

Digital Download & Discussion
We’ll start with a Zoom or Face-to-Face chat to help me understand your digital footprint and what you’d like me to audit. Everyone has different needs, and this is a bespoke process – no two audits are the same!

We’ll explore and review your online places together (e.g. website, Facebook, YouTube, etc.)

Then talk about your plans and aims for them going forward so I can understand your needs and your customers’ needs.

In-depth Analysis & Report
Following our meeting, I’ll do an in-depth analysis of your digital assets, including a review against the WCAG Web guidelines.

You’ll get a bespoke audit report that includes findings on your current web accessibility* and UX**

Plus recommendations tailored to your specific needs with meaningful, targeted advice (not a tick box in sight!)

♿ Walk-throughs, live examples and images – these allow you to see your website and content as disabled people do.
♿Areas to improve immediately
♿Ideas for changes/ implementation that you can do now
♿ Guidelines
♿ A roadmap for the future

Talk & Walk-through
A Zoom or Face-to-Face meeting to talk through your Audit. Includes looking at Walk-throughs of your website or live images from social media.

This will give you the chance to understand the issues, ask questions and explore ideas further.

We’ll look at your next steps to ensure reasonable adjustments are made, and changes are implemented that will move you forward towards your accessibility goals.

Please note:

This is an audit only, and I do not make the changes as part of this service.

How much does a Digital Accessibility Audit cost?

Website accessibility audits start from £70, depending on the number of digital assets you’d like me to review.

Ready for more happy customers?

Ready to make it super easy to buy from you? Ready To Start Your Accessibility Journey? Great. Because I’m ready to help you!