Captioning services for Online events

Is your online event accessible to everyone?

While social distancing restrictions are easing up across the UK, many events will still remain online for 2021. By taking an event online, you open the doors to so many more people. 


You can attend a conference stateside, watch your favourite creator stream live and make new connections at networking… all with a click of a button. Captioning your online event is critical to accessibility. Luckily, I provide captioning services for both live and replay events, so everyone can enjoy the show. 

Is your online event accessible to everyone?

Whether you require captions for a live event, a replay of your conference or both, I can help. Captioning is about more than just accessibility In fact, online users prefer content with subtitles, regardless of their accessibility needs.

So, if you want to draw views to your online event, captioning should be a high priority.

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When you run a live online event, there’s so much to consider, it’s easy to forget about captioning. By outsourcing live event captioning to me, you can rest easy knowing your event is in expert hands.

Live captions will make your online event more accessible for everyone. To get started, click the button below and tell me about what you’re planning and I’ll put together a bespoke proposal for your event.