Podcast captions and transcriptions

Grow your podcast audience with effective captioning and transcriptions

With over 15 million regular podcast listeners in the UK, there is a big appetite for engaging long-form audio content. From news and views through to niche interests and celebrity insights, there really is a podcast for everyone.


But can everyone enjoy your podcast?


When you think of a podcast, an audio experience comes to mind. However, many of the world’s biggest podcasts have both video and text components. Want to reach new audiences, improve accessibility and boost SEO for your podcast? You need captions and transcripts. Good thing you’ve found me. I provide comprehensive captioning and transcription services for podcast creators.

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What is a podcast transcript and do I need one?

A podcast transcript is a written counterpart to your episodes. Typically, a transcript is published on your blog, and could also be linked to from the description in your podcast app of choice. A transcript isn’t just a summary of your podcast episode – it’s the whole episode in written format. Ideal for those who don’t or can’t listen to the audio version.

Not only is a podcast transcript vital for accessibility, but it can also significantly boost your SEO. It gives listeners and guests a way to link back to your domain from their site, which is great for moving up the ranks. You can also link out to useful resources (something you can’t do in audio format!)

So, while a transcript might seem a nice-to-have, it’s actually a necessity for any ambitious podcast looking to reach new audiences, rise up the rankings and ensure your podcast is accessible to everyone.

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What makes my podcast transcription service different?

I know what you’re thinking. Podcast captioning and transcription services are ten-a-penny these days, with many apps even offering an automated service. So, why choose me – a real human – to transcribe your podcast?

Here are some of the (many) benefits to working with me.

Typical Transcription Service

  • Podcast episodes are transcribed by computers
  • Transcriptionists are under pressure to deliver high quantity in a short time
  • Transcripts are used as captions, thus losing the natural flow of conversation
  • The addition of backlinks costs extra

 DFR Transcription Service

  • Podcast episodes are transcribed and checked thoroughly for spelling and grammar by me and my team.
  • Each transcript is carefully produced and I only work with a small number of clients.
  • Transcripts and captions provided separately, so you don’t lose the tone or humour in the captions!
  • Backlinks, resources and social media links all included as standard (you just need to provide and I will put them in the relevant places).

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