Accessibility Services for The Public and Private Sector

Accessibility is more than just a nice-to-have for your business – it’s an absolute necessity.

It all starts with understanding your customer’s needs and ensuring they can all visit your shop, café or office is the first step towards accessibility. That’s where I come in.


As both an accessibility expert and a disabled person myself, I am uniquely placed to help organisations like yours become more accessible to everyone. From carrying out an audit of your space to delivering my recommendations in line with your budget and even training your team to become more aware of disabilities – I do it all.


Accessibility doesn’t have to cost the earth – but it can mean the world.

As a business owner, one of your biggest priorities is saving money. When we talk about investing in accessibility, you may be concerned about the costs and commitments. However, by being a more accessible business, you are opening your doors to 14 million people – that’s a customer base worth £249 billion. 

Not only that, but often making changes to your workplace is incredibly easy and affordable. It could be as simple as moving furniture, painting contrast doorframes and offering captions for online meetings. 

Keep reading to learn about my physical accessibility services, or get in touch to book a consultation today.

Physical Accessibility Services

From audits to training, I provide a wide variety of in-person accessibility services to help both public and private sector organisations open their doors to everyone. 

Graphic showing people visiting a museum

Accessibility Audit

I’ll come to your premises and carry out a thorough accessibility audit. Taking into account the needs of people with physical and mental disabilities, I record my thoughts and deliver the audit to you with a comprehensive list of suggestions to suit your budget.

Group of Disabled People

Accessibility Support For Hospitality and Retail Businesses 

I provide accessibility services specific to retail and hospitality businesses reopening after the COVID-19 lockdown. Click the button below to learn more about how you can ensure your staff, customers and visitors are safe during this difficult time. 

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